Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Older But Behaving More Ridiculous

Yep, today I'm really getting it out there.  Why are my kids getting older but behaving more ridiculous?  Those tweeners and t'agers are a trip. Like, the kid has clothes in the closet but only 2 pairs of jeans get worn; next is, wearing only a t-shirt under the coat when it's freezing outside; or pulling the sleeves of the jacket over the hands when warm gloves are available in the backpack; how about no hat in sub zero temperatures; acting like Bieber is not their favourite singer; talking on the phone to her girlfriend before school when they are going to meet up and go to school together anyway.   

Please help me to understand these kids before I go crazy.  What is the motivation for some of the things that they do?  I mean the craziest thing that I did was putting tartan on my jean jacket because I liked The Bay City Rollers.  Remember them?  Some Scottish laddies from the good old seventies who had a place in my heart because they were so cute.

My son decided again that he wanted to stretch his earlobes even more(see story on ear piercing  I mean, oh no, they weren't stretched out enough.  Let's stretch the hell out of them some more so they can eventually pop.  Now he's stretched them and they are a half inch.  Take a look at the pic above and you will see what I mean.  That's a mighty big hole for such little lobes don't you think?  Well not to him.

Anyways, I've put my foot down and the guy in the tattoo and body piercing store gave it to him pretty raw about taking care of his earlobes and to leave them alone because he'd gone as far as he could.  Will he listen?  Only time will tell.  Feel the pain then.

Know the story about a rebel in every family?    In mine, it's the son.  Thank goodness he hasn't hidden and gone ahead and gotten any piercings without letting me know.  At least for that I can be thankful.  He's got his other ideas about what he wants to do to his body and I'm leaving that until he's a little older.  Maybe, just maybe, some sense will kick in by then. 

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