I'm a woman who is living the single parent experience. It's not a new experience for some but it's my experience. I have two children, a son and a daughter. My son is fifteen years old and my daughter is ten years old.

Living as a single parent is one that I struggle with because I grew up in a family where my parents are still married. I'm from that old school too that believes that children need both parents together in their lives. However, I'm not blind to the fact that some things are not worth saving. What I mean is that a good relationship should have love, honesty, patience, kindness, nurturing etc etc to grow and to change for the better. When someone is in a relationship where one of the partners wants out for whatever reason, it's time to let it go.

Anyways, the single parent experience is an exciting, frustrating, frightening, loving, humourous and so many more indescribable emotions. I see myself being forever changed for the better and I welcome the experience.