Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer School


The beauty of Summer is finally here.  Long, hot, Summer days are ours to enjoy.  In my son's case it's time to head to Summer school.  Yep, he messed up with math big time.  The usual happened.  He skipped classes and didn't try because he had trouble understanding math.  How many of our kids do that?  

This month of July he has to sit in a hot class every day for the whole month from 8:30- 2:30.  Now, he barely rouses at other times before noon.  How the heck will I get him going to these classes?  This is my dilemma.  The Summer school is not even offered at his local school.  He has to take the bus or ride his bike about 20 minutes to get to class.  He is not motivated because he dislikes math and this is a condensed class for the credit.  What to do!!!

Funny, even though I'm good with kids and it'd been part of my daily work life, when it comes to my own life, I yell, I get pissed and I shut down with my own kids.  Where's all that wonderful social work teachings?  Reason be damned!  Emotions rule when it comes to my own kids.  God, help me!  I want to shake that kid of mine to wake up.  All he has to do is to put in as much time as he's willing to put into his xbox game.  He'll stay and play that game as long as it takes to win even if it means all night.  That's the attitude that I want to see in this class.  What a difference that would make.

So, I finally calmed down and sat down with him for a moment.  I let him know that where he wants to go requires that math credit.  A month is a short investment and it's about him reaching his goals.  All he has to do is reach out and claim it.

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