Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Do you ever worry and wonder what all your worrying is about?  Let me clarify.  I come from a family of worry warts.  That's what I eventually learned to do as I got older and moved on with my own family.  I'm a pro at it by now.  

I've spent so much time in the what ifs; what if what I want doesn't make me happy, what if I don't get what I want then what, what if I fail when I try something and on and on I go.  I know, who would readily admit to that neurosis.  I could rephrase worries to... looking at everything from all directions.  Doesn't that sound better?  Or, how about searching out my options?  How wonderful to be able to put that spin on words.  However this blog is about my experience and I like to tell it like it is.  Sometimes.

So, I'm a worry wart.  I know it's negative prayers.  I'm telling the Universe to give me more worries.  What I think about expands.  That's totally the opposite of what I want.   How do I get myself away or out of this type of behaviour? 

I've read many books on the topic of worry and here are my suggestions.  From experience.  Distract yourself.  Yeah, I know that's what you were trying to do before all this worrying took over.  Read a book, watch some mindless tv, listen to music, take a walk, sing, exercise, paint, clean the house, whatever you choose to do, do it until you move out of your worry.  

Use alternative methods to help yourself.  There are many of them and maybe lavender essential oil will help you to calm down or get a full body massage.  Massage is wonderful for calming the spirit and body.  Why not try aromatherapy.  Maybe acupressure or acupuncture would work wonders.  I actually like doing acupressure myself especially when I'm worried about something.

My favourite way to help myself is just to have a good talk with my sis.  She is the best person in my life that's always there for me.  Find someone that you can really talk to or seek professional help if necessary.  Being able to talk about what is on our mind provides an enormous relief and release of energy.  It allows us to step back from the situation.  When in need, talk it out.

Just know that worries can be dealt with.  There are usually solutions to any problems that we have.  We can't access them when worry takes over because it blocks.  It cuts us off from resolving the situation.  So the next time worries threaten to overtake you, use one of the solutions offered here.

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