Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random...Why and What If

It's one of those days. You know them... where you ramble. My mind is just jumping from thought to thought. In no particular pattern. I think my kids would call that random. Today, I'm random.

What if my son woke up this morning without me having to tell him a million times to get up and get moving so that he won't be late for school(I'd really like to put on a recording of my mantra to him instead and turn it up really loud); What if I suddenly won the big prize on that Gold scratch ticket that I spend ten bucks a pop on(hmm, lemme see now a housekeeper fer sure. No more cleaning up after them kids. Yeah!); What if my kids couldn't text, watch tv, play video games, use the computer, yack on the phone, sleep over their friend's house,all for one week(doesn't bother me 'cause I won my lotto); What if my kids started listening for a change(about time); Why does my daughter talk so loud when she's on the phone?(no idea); Why do I have to remind them to clean up after themselves?(God, they're old enough and they know better. No worries,got the housekeeper).

I know it's all a fantasy(a figment of my over active imagination) could happen.

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