Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ear Piercing

My son J
My son finally got what he wanted.  He's been wanting to get his ears pierced or in his case, have those stretchers in his ears.  Think African or tribes form South America and voila. 

Off he went last week with my money to get his gauge piercings.  It always has been about expression and style.  He's making his known.

Pain doesn't seem to faze him  He broke his jaw several years ago and he didn't even have water in his eyes.

So when he returned, I asked him how it felt and he told me that he'd just sat there and all he felt were slight twinges.  I don't know.  When I got my nose done, water sprang into my eyes.  I mean the first time that you feel that needle enter your skin it takes you by surprise and it's painful too.  Here he got a chunk of his skin taken out of his ear and he didn't bat an eye.

He looks good with his black ball closure earrings.  Now all he has to do is take good care of his ears to avoid any infection.

He's not done though because when his ears have healed he wants to stretch them to a bigger style.  KIDS!

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