Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!  Blessings to all moms whether biological or otherwise.  Your arms provide a safe and loving haven for your children; your smile lets them know that you care; your words offer comfort and positivity.  There's no one that can compare to you.  You are simply the best.  You are mom.

You know, sometimes all of these special days seems trite but I never get tired of Mother's Day.  Yeah, I know it's all commercialized and the average person feels compelled to participate.  Know what though?  We all come from one and why not celebrate that.   

Memories return of my mom whispering words about how I would behave during certain situations or having her say "you'll see when you are a mom".  One that stands out is that no matter what the situation to use my heart to guide me.  If I had to pass out advice, that info would be it.  We get caught in judging and using our head to deal with our kids but coming from the heart we make the best decisions.  

In most cases moms do know best.  Why?  Experience.  That's it.  Experience, the mother of all lessons learned.  As we have more children, we remember what worked and we improve on that.

Well, if you are a married mom I hope that your husband and the kids brought you breakfast in bed and you get the royal treatment all day.  I hope that they appreciate you and show that they care every day.

For single parents, of which I am included, we hope that our kids will come to realise that mom deserves a break too.  Again Happy Mother's Day to all.

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