Saturday, May 21, 2011

End Of The World

I'd been away for the week and upon my return on May 20th, several of my friends and family asked me about this end of the world news.  I had no clue what they were talking about.  No, I don't watch the news and I can help it.  The party that I was with is a firm believer though in keeping up with the news.  Every morning, he listened for his  various sports scores and ensured that he heard the news from around the world.  I was usually sitting at the table eating breakfast and reading my book while he sat glued to the tv. Occasionally, some of it filtered it's way into my peace.

I gave up watching the news a long time ago.  Sure one needs to know the happenings of the world but it's not that important unless there's an invasion or war in my neck of the woods.  All of the daily grind only serves to disrupt my "feel good", mentality.  I want good news and positivity and that happens rarely on the news.

I came home and by the way, the  20th of May is my birthday; to what....bad news.  Here, the family and friends greeted me with, "do you know that tomorrow is the end of the world?".  To which I replied, "nope didn't hear a thing about it".  The truth is, if today is the end of the world, at least I had a fabulous week, experienced another birthday and got the chance to write this bit about it.  While I am at it, I'm enjoying a little of my favourite drink, Tia Maria on the rocks too.

So, I say cheers to May 21, 2011. I hope it brings you all of the goodness that you deserve and may we all live to see many more. 

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