Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Break

You know I was so tucked into my own little world this week that I almost missed having a say about the March Break.  

Well everyone, it's March Break, lol.  As if you didn't already know.  If you are like me and you have children, then yup, you knew that, since about Friday last week.  See, last week was the day the kids started their whining and lamenting that it was gonna be the break and what did we have planned.  A, I had nothing planned and B, they can find their own activities to occupy them.  They are not babies anymore!!  You know!  They have lots of friends.  I'm too old to worry my little, old head.  

Today, my daughter went to the park to hang with her friends and tonight she's out enjoying Rango, at the movies with her friend.  My son took off to visit his friend earlier today and this evening he's been glued to his game on the computer.  At intermission times for his game he just makes his way into the kitchen to reload up on snacks and then back to the game without a hello to anyone.  Of course what does he need me for?  All of his friends are on there too just like his x box game.   See how these games encourage our kids into a world unto themselves?  Of course I'm not complaining too much, you understand.  This way I can hear as little of his mouth as possible.  Yipee!  Yep, and I am a mom.  Happy March Break to you too.

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