Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 11th Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan

My deepest sympathies to all the people who have loved ones in Japan.  I and those watching from outside the country have no idea what it's like to go through such a disaster.  Many lives have been lost and still many more are unaccounted for. Please know that you are in our prayers and that whatever help we can offer will be delivered to you.  

Last Friday, I woke up to disbelief that a massive earthquake and tidal wave had wrought destruction to a part of our world.  So many natural disasters around the world.  What is truly going on?  What is it all about?  Why now?  I don't have the answers except to say that there's a cleansing going on.  It's sad to know that cleaning means that some will be lost in this lifetime.  In my thinking it's like crying.  When you cry you release whatever has been bothering you and then you feel refreshed.  Same goes for these events happening around the world.  It's just hard to understand because  many lives have been lost and will be lost during the time of this and many disasters.

What happens in a crisis is that people come together.  It unites them with a common goal and everyone starts communicating, sharing and helping.

I read a fellow hubber's hub and he wrote about the disaster.  He mentioned that we as human beings have to help in whatever way that we can.  Some people, he said, questioned whether the U.S. should help Japan because it seems that they were not as forthcoming during hurricane Katrina's reign.  He put it back on the level of helping because we can.  It's easy to be mean and vindictive and to see everything as a slight when it's really not that way at all.  Come back to love peopleLove. We can show love by doing all that we can.  Who's to say where the next disaster will strike again.  Don't we want the world to reach out to us in any way that they can?    

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