Sunday, February 27, 2011


Well, I need some new ideas about how to get rid of this flu/cold from our household.  It started with my kids because we all know that school is the culprit for so much malady.  First my daughter got sick and then it just kept making the rounds in the house.  Now after resisting it for so long, I've succumbed too.

The thing is, that I take my vitamin A, C, D, etc.  Mind you I have been messing up lately by not taking them regularly or every day. My loyal followers know that I yap about getting a cold all the time.  Just flick back in my archives and you'll find out. 

My sis visited me today and refused to enter because we all have a cold.  I can't say that I blame her because she is someone that seems to get the worst of everything when she gets sick.  One year, she got the flu shot and shortly after had a bout of the flu.  She was so sick that she had to drag herself to the doctor for medication. It took about three weeks or more before she got rid of it.

Don't worry sis, I love you and understand completely.  You have to protect yourself.  It's all good.

Maybe we need to get rid of whatever bad energy that is hanging around.  Sort of like fumigating the place by using prayers or something to clear it out.  Lord knows we need something.  Have any suggestions?

I'm so looking forward to Spring because it means we can open our windows again.  All winter we are cooped up inside with unnatural heat and precious little circulation except the areas where some wintry air gets in.  You know, we all know about trapping the heat inside to stay warm and keep the bills down.
Yet it's times like this that you realize that good circulation is important too.

Spring hurry up because we truly need your breath of fresh air.  Literally.

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