Wednesday, November 3, 2010

School Policy

Today, I so have to beach about dumb school policies. They, meaning the school board, principal etc, etc certainly know how to go overboard on school policy.

Well for Canada, the Education Act and The Safe School Act, along with the particular school boards says under what conditions a student can be suspended or expelled from school.

What really gets to me is that within the act there's a more or less blanket statement that allows the school to get away with almost anything. Read this.

Any other activity that is an activity for which a principal may suspend a pupil under a policy of the board. 2007, c. 14, s. 4.

I've been reading about students who get punished by being suspended for dumb things like wearing a t-shirt that has a saying that another finds inappropriate or using a word like "gay" to describe same sex families.

Why the need to use excessive punishment? What happened to simply talking to the student? How does sending the student home for several days help the student to be better at relating to other? How do we explain the idiocy of some school rules?

Now, I'm not talking about students who intend to harm others, bully or defame the character of someone. These issues need to be strictly dealt with.

The excessive use of punishment is used instead of working with students to enable them to learn and grow and to focus on improving their behaviour.

I guess it's seen as easier to use the harsher, quicker school disciplinary measures than taking time out with our students.

What is our world coming to? Used to be, you'd only get sent to the office if you'd done something terrible like saying f. u. to the teacher. Then you'd had to apologize before you could go back to class. Today you'd probably get suspended for three days or more.

I'm just saying, what a crock.

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