Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Over Now

Well, I really wasn't going to blog about this but it's my blog so what the heck.

I just found out that I am legally divorced now.  How do I feel?  Yipee!! Hooray!!  It's just good to be out of all of that negative energy.  To finally have to put it away on the back shelf never to be seen again.  No scratch that.  To close the door on that for the last time.  Yes, much better.

Marriage is a beautiful experience.  Divorce is another experience.  My experience has been extremely emotional and in some parts negative and hurtful.

I choose to let it go and to start feeling good in this moment.  It's a choice and once you make it, so much worry and stress is lifted from you.

Every experience and every choice allows us to choose who we want to be.  For me, it's loving, kind, joyful, playful and just being me.

I used to smile and laugh a lot and instead I became sad and carried the weight around like bricks on my shoulders. 

I don't know how it happened because over time I moved away from what was good and into fear.  Fear, (false evidence appearing real) took away my joy for five years.

During that time I went through all that I needed to.  That's why I'm finally in a better place literally and spiritually.

Thank you Universe for always supporting me even though I felt otherwise.  You always know what's best.

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