Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mothers' Day Off

We need a national holiday.  We'll call it Mothers' Day Off.  I can just hear it now.  All of the talks and snickers about why we need another holiday and what makes mothers so special.

Well, if I have to spell it out then Ima do it.  We are special because through us, we give birth to nations.  Let's see guys do that!  Some of them wouldn't be able to watch a child being born without wanting to pass out, lol.  

What about the pain and stress before we even get to giving birth.  Nah, they wouldn't even be able to take that.

We are special because mother's instinct and intuition gives us the many tools to care for all of our love ones.  Our warmth and love can overcome many obstacles.  Mom, is always there through thick and thin.

Mama, is special because only she remembers just how you like your eggs done or your favourite dish that she never fails to make on Sundays.

On your birthday she remembered that you wanted that WII game and there it is when you open your present.

When you get a cut from falling off of your bmx, she's sure to fix it up without you getting the "ouchies".

Even though there's a Mother's Day, it's not a day of rest for mom.  We still have to do everything as before.  

With a national Mothers' Day Off, moms could stay at home with pay and maybe get a little more respect coming our way.  Dads would work as usual and see what it's like in the workplace without all of the wonderful women that are also moms.

Thank you to the many moms that work 24/7, at home and in the workplace to provide for their families.  You are special and you deserve a special day.  Heck, you deserve love, respect, caring and so much more.

If I could, I'd give you that one special day to show you how much you truly deserve.  Moms, you're the best.

No disrespect to the many dads that hold both positions of mom and dad because mom is not in the picture.

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  1. amen to mother's day off... I second that vote!