Thursday, October 14, 2010


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Ohhh, sniff, sniff, cough,cough, sniffle.  I have the flu.  Caught it about 6 days ago.  There was this little old lady sitting at the front of the bus and boy was she coughing up a.....  Just too yuck to think about.  Now, I know how she was feeling.  Maybe.

My immune has been keeping me well and so I'd bypassed that awful flu bug yet here I lay.  I'm actually at the end of this gosh darn, awful feeling.  I missed Thanksgiving with the folks at the table 'cause my body was in distress.  I couldn't even take the smell of the meal. 

This week I woulda been fine in the heat somewhere.  I've had such terrible chills.  At night I sweat my pj's off and have to get a shower and fresh clothes in the morning.  

It was funny to watch my kids ask if they could help.  My macho son, ran around getting all of my vitamins and anything he could think of.  Then when I threw up all of my tiny bit of food that I had digested, he was totally disgusted....wouldn't make a good nurse at all.  

My daughter, on the other hand, was there rubbing my back and asking if there was anything that I needed.  She would come back about every half hour.  My son after the initial day, got outta Dodge, lol.

Kid's, you gotta love 'em though.  Now, what I would so appreciate is a full body massage especially my lower back.  So much pain is still lodged there. 

Well back to the regular routine next week and back to wellness where I belong.

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