Friday, October 8, 2010


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Well, who can believe that it's already October.  I love the fall weather although this fall it has been notably cooler.  In my case, I say colder because I feel that cold too easily. 

Anyways, the beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange right now are simply spectacular.  The leaves in all of their splendor leave me breathless.  How marvelous it is to be able to walk and enjoy the joy of the outpouring of love from nature.

Each day when I go outside I breathe deeply to take in the freshness of the season.  I try to take a snapshot in my head to remind me of how glorious the season truly is.  I'm fortunate that there are so many lovely areas for walking around me.  

Nature is where we can find healing at any time.  A walk can provide clarity, calmness and stillness during stressful situations.  It's a way of grounding ourselves and getting back to who we truly are, spirit.  It allows us to see what's truly important in our lives.

For this moment, take a short walk or focus on the trees in your neighbourhood or spend a little time in your own backyard.  Nature is a  gift so accept it and enjoy it.

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