Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of Summer Blues

As soon as you say "back to school", well, here comes my end of Summer blues.  This Summer has been so weird too.  August which is usually the hottest month on the calendar, turned out to be downright frosty.  

Well, I guess I can change my way of looking at it.  Let's just say that I like the heat and sometimes I have to beach about the changes that take place. 

Fall is beautiful and I adore the colours that the trees wear.  It's an array that is worth waiting for.  

In a couple of days the kids will be going back to school.  Yeah.  I know.  I know.  I'm a naughty mommy.  'Bout time they got out of the house.  Now for a little peace and quiet.  

So, I spent major bucks for one kid who's going to Catholic school.  Darn those uniforms are costly.  A pair of khaki pants were forty dollars alone and they suggested that he get three to get him through the week.  Maybe they can give a mom a break then.  Say three for the price of two.  

Good thing I can buy later in the year if needed.  Do you think they coulda had the uniform store within the school?  No!   Had to travel behind God's back; to use a phrase I heard, to find the place.  Thank God for sisters.  Anyhoo, he's now equipped.  

My other sweetie got a new school bag, kicks, jeans, tees and the usual pens and pencils stuff.  I hope that come Tuesday I'll be able to snap a couple of pics before they run off.  Hey, that's me.  Mom.  

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