Thursday, October 28, 2010


By: Stephanie Korchynski

I started placement at a local elementary school to make my way back into the educational field as an ed assistant to be exact.  

Well, this time instead of the seniors, I have the little ones that are in grade 1 and 2.  What personalities they have!  I can already see what they will be like a little later on in life.  

Some are more eager than others in the various tasks that they are asked to do daily.  Some enjoy reading and being read to, while others, like writing, drawing and colouring.

Each day as I return, I realize that I'm having a good time as well.  It's fun to help them learn new things and to know that I can truly make a difference.  I know, I know you`ve heard that line before.  It's true though.  When I help that child who is a struggling reader to read that elusive word or sentence, I feel good.   It's a joy.

Now, there are some kids in there that are considered to be behavioural and autistic too.  They can certainly be a challenge.  We use positive reinforcement and other strategies to get and keep them on task.  

When did it become so hard to control some of the kids in the classroom?  There are the ones that chat, chat and keep chatting even though they are told to be quiet over and over.  And what about the ones that refuse to focus on the class and tasks?

Anyways, suffice it to say that I won't be bored anytime soon but I will definitely be looking for some quiet time every day when I get home and a nap perhaps.

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