Sunday, July 25, 2010

What now?

I'm in the second or third week of my son's homecoming.  It was beautiful to finally be reunited with him.  After a year plus of back and forth on the phone and emails, it's good to finally be able to see him face to face.

That face that I love and couldn't see for a little while tore a big hole in a part of my heart. Now what?  Now comes the hard part.  Now we try to mend the parts of our lives that need it and bring ourselves into balance again.

All of the happenings in our lives, some that bring joy and others pain serve a purpose even though we may not recognize what they are at the time.  So, I try to hold on to that.  I know also that I'm creating all of the time and that I am responsible for what shows up in my life.  I try to accept that.  No one said it would be easy.  

Life what an amazing creation though.  Just think of the fine details that go into every part of your life and see the perfection.  Sorry, rambling a bit there.  Anyway my life just is and I'm looking for good everywhere and in everything.

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