Sunday, July 4, 2010


On Becoming a Man - a Book for Teen-Age BoysJust like that.   After a year plus of separation, tears, anger, frustration and blocked calls my son is coming home.  I say home because he feels at home with me.  I sent him to be with his dad and now his time with him is over.  The drama is done.  Yeah, Yeah!!

I know that my son did not settle in all of the time that he went away.  He kept saying how much he missed everyone and wanted out of his situation.  The situation that he found himself in was in no way ideal as the life that we live. 

His visit helped him to see me in a way that he didn't before.  Living with me he was belligerent, in my face, angry and obnoxious.  Part of the attitude had to do with the teenage phase and the other with living and seeing his family separated.  That's a hard knock for any kid.  Each one handles it differently.

I'm really glad that he had a chance to see his dad for what he is........a man with faults like us all.  He makes mistakes too but has to be willing to say sorry when the need arises.  All kids put their dad especially on a pedestal. 

Anyway he saw me as the one that tore the family apart and thought that I wasn't willing to do anything to fix it.  Now after living with his dad he knows the truth.  That we both shared in what happened.

The time apart gave us the opportunity to get close again because he spent a lot of time talking to me before we were blocked.  I think he saw my character and what I stand for. 

Now, I just want to be able to take good care of them and give them the love that they need while providing financially etc for them.  Their dad is not out of their lives but he's created his own wall between them.  The door is always open for them when they feel ready to enter. 

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