Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pt.2 Smelling The Roses

Remember when you were young and carefree?  I do.  I remember as a child playing outside in the yard.  This was in Jamaica.  I played outside with my brother and sister.  

We would be barefoot.  Shoes seemed unnecessary.  It was part of feeling free.  My feet were used to the hard ground.  Once in awhile I would get a cut from a piece of glass that I didn't see but nothing serious.

When I had to put shoes on it felt weird, foreign.  Of course, I had to wear shoes to go out but playing in the yard was different.  

I'm always wearing shoes or slippers on my feet.   Sometimes though to connect with the earth, I go without my shoes or slippers especially in the summer time.

Today, I took my shoes off and went outside  in the backyard.  I felt the coolness of the grass on the soles of my feet.  It felt so good.  It reminded me of how long ago it had been since I connected again with Mother Earth.

Oh, how I take the simple pleasures for granted.  Something simple things like someone's smile, touching a tree, planting a flower, watching the sun go down, feeling the rain on your face, hanging your clothes out to dry in the sun, patting the dog, going on a swing are all simple pleasures that we can indulge ourselves in.  

Doing any of them will bring a smile to your face.  Take some time to smell the roses and see  what joy it brings.

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