Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday

                                               Here's my b'day cake

Birthdays, don't you just love  'em?  It's the day that you became a part of this lifetime.  Let me share that today is mine.

Yeah, Happy Birthday to me and all others that were born on this day.  Mine has been a busy one.  Today, I volunteered at the neighborhood school for a couple of hours.  Then I set off to enjoy my day.  

Well, family bought me a raspberry something cake by La Rocca.  I chose it.  I decided that I wanted to be open to new experiences and so why not try a cake that I've never tasted before.  After all, you had to try something once to know whether you liked it.  That was the beginning.

So, I got the cake and a nice bottle of White Zinfandel wine.  I just adore sweet wine although this is not as sweet as I remember.  Guess I've moved on.  

Anyway, I blew my candles out after making my wish of course and toasted with the rest of the family.  

See, the thing about my getting older though is that I can't stand the way I look in my pictures now.  When I was younger, I couldn't take a bad pic in my opinion.  Sometimes getting older seems to suck although I wouldn't go back to eighteen again.  

The thing about getting older is that with age comes a little bit more knowledge.  Slowly I'm growing into the person that I want to be.  I've always known what's important but I let it slip away.  Truly people are the most important in this life.  I'm glad that I have good people in my life.

I raise a glass to all of the birthday boys and girls today.  May you be filled with all of the love from the Universe and have a blessed day.

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