Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gardening Season

It's gardening season again.  In my neck of the woods, it's the May long weekend or Victoria Day that is our marker.  Planting anytime after this weekend is generally good.  The risk of cold and frost is minimal then.

Of course all the garden centers have been open for the past month since April was so beautiful and warm.  I should have known better too because I'm no novice.  Oh well, my bad.  

Last month we put in a triple mix all over the garden.  We had a load of mix delivered to our house.  That was a humongous job picking up dirt from the front lawn and placing it all over the yard in the many garden spots.
Many of the perennials in the garden responded well to the fresh soil and lots of sunshine.  They shot up in the past month and wouldn't you know it, the cold weather returned.  May is the April that we're used to.  It's been so cold overnights that in the morning there's frost on the cars.

I love gardening and my daughter has her own little spot where she grows her pretty flowers.  It connects her to Mother Nature and teaches her patience as she watches her plants grow.

I can't wait for the season to start again.  I love discovering new plants to add to my garden.  It's great fun getting good deals on plants and gardening tools.

Victoria Day weekend is also the time when Canadians go to their cottage after the long winter.  It's the first getaway of cottage season.  They open up their summer space and look forward to all of the long weekends to come.

I'm just happy that I can enjoy those warm days ahead and spend most of it outside.  Yeah!  Summer's almost here.


  1. You summed it all up in your last sentence. "I'm just happy that I can enjoy those warm days ahead and spend most of it outside. Yeah! Summer's almost here."