Saturday, May 1, 2010

Homework Help

Remember when we were kids how much school homework we had?  I remember having to spend a minimum of twenty minutes doing my homework assignment each evening after school.  There was always a test to study for too.

These days, some school boards have decided that kids need more family time.  They've done away with homework.  Instead my daughter finishes up all of her work at school.  Mind you, I can see the benefit in this.  If she has questions she doesn't have to wait but can ask at the time when it occurs.

She had a test that she'd scored well on but there were some areas that she still didn't understand.  I don't know if they had gone over the test in class and worked through it.  She was still having trouble and since they were to be tested again on some of the same material, she asked me for help.

My daughter is in grade 5 and I don't happen to remember that grade well.  Anyway, she needed grade 5 math help.  They were working on the perimeter and area of triangles etc.  

Thanks goodness the internet is available to all of us now.  I went on there and typed in my query and found a good site.  It explained the info and I was able to interpret it for her.  Plus they had examples that were easy to understand and allowed you to test yourself online.  We spent about half an hour on there before she had to call it a night. 

The good news is that she aced her test.  Yay!  It felt good to be able to help her.  After all, what are moms for.

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