Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Favourite Kid TV Shows

My daughter, whom I love soooo much is a couch  potato sometimes.  That's ok with me because she loves the great outdoors too.  She's an active child and rides her bike, walks every day to school and enjoys time at the park.

I sometimes sit with her but mostly when I'm  on the computer I watch some of her favourite tv shows.  Guess what?  They've become my favourite too.

Here are my top five shows:

iCarly; Carly a teen of 14 yrs, lives with her brother Spencer a twenty something year old sculptor.   She has a web show that she runs with Sam and Freddie.  Their antics keeps this mom chuckling.  Actually, Spencer is very cute so I like him.

Wizards of Waverly Place; The Russo family are modern day wizards(magic wands and flying carpet too).  Alex( I don't know short for what ) is the troublemaker who gets detention at school and pranks her family often.  Her brothers Max(plays the dumb one) and Justin, a senior and mom and dad round out the family.

The Suite Life on Deck; Twins Zack and Cody live on board a Cruise ship and have many adventures with their friends Woody, Bailey, London and Marcus.

Zoey 101; I like the the theme song from this show.  Lots of positive info for kids.  The show only has reruns now because Zoey, (Jamie Lynn Spears) ironically became a teen mom. It is a fun show and really talks about teens and their issues in a way that they understand.

Diners, Drive Ins and Dives; This last one of course is a food show on the Food Network.  My daughter loves food and loves to cook.  Guy, the host, visits diners, drive ins and dives all over the U.S. and eats his way through their specialties.  The food looks so good.  

When I'm sitting here at the computer, I take a look at what she's watching and find myself pulled into one or the other of these shows. Kids you gotta love 'em.  Mine makes my every day brighter.

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