Saturday, April 10, 2010

Self Help/Self Improvement

So, I did a post over at my site   about paraliminals.  Basically paraliminals are a self help/guided meditation cd that you can use in every area of your life.  

In my case I bought several but talked about Anxiety Free.  Several posts ago I talked about stress and anxiety too.  

If you know anything about subliminals, although these are quite different, then you get the idea.  Subliminals, use pictures or words that are shown at a fast rate and can only be registered by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is where the change will be made.  The conscious mind will discard things according to your beliefs etc.

Paraliminals, work on a subconscious level too, by using voices and music.  The voices are heard in both left and right ear so that the mind will be confused and the information that's needed can be absorbed.

Anyway even though I use many other tools for relief from the anxiety, I like to keep myself informed.  I had known about paraliminals and got some from LimeWire.  Free is always good but I didn't get the whole cd so I had to buy my own to see if it would work.
If you're interested in this at all, check out my site and please, leave me a message.  If you have tips and/or suggestions I'd love that too.

I will eventually, let my daughter listen to them too.  I think that the Self Esteem Supercharger and Memory Supercharger would be a good place to start.  We can always use some work on our self esteem.  Good self esteem is important for us all.

I think I might need work on my memory more than she does though.  My memory is shoddy to say the least.  Do you ever get those ah, ah ah, moments?  Yep, that describes me.  I try to remember whatever it is but it eludes me.  So very frustrating and embarrassing for me though.  Keep you posted.

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  1. excellent info... i use subliminals as well... i find they help me most when i'm not so stressed out thus willing to let the good information in..