Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Girl Time

Today, my daughter wanted me to paint her nails.  It's fun to hang out with the little ones but I was busy on the computer and didn't want to get off especially when my juices are flowing.

I know we need to have our girl time and so I had to give up the computer for awhile.  Girl time is important because it keeps us connected in a loving way.  When I'm doing something for her, we talk about everything.  

My little one, is really a social butterfly.  She has many, kind, friends around her.  As a matter of fact, one especially close friend was born 3 days before her in the same month and year.  How's that for the Universe showing us love.

During our girl time, we blab about how she doing at school(great by the way, except for that matter of socializing remember.); her friends(many of them), books that she loves to read(takes after her mom); possible sleep-overs(mm, not liking that too much); and blah blah, blah(she likes that song too by Keesha).  

Well, I had to do over 4 of her nails because they were smudged.  She needed to let them dry properly before doing other stuff.  Hey, that's my daughter and I love her.  Thank God for precious girl time though.  They will always be in my memory banks.


  1. kids are great aren't they?

  2. Love them forever and into the next life too. Thanks.