Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Friday/Easter

                                        photo from blairafon -photo bucket
                                        Easter Bun and cheese

Good Friday is celebrated all over the world.  Most head to church to give thanks.  

I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and even though I lived there for the first ten years of my life, I still remember Easter celebrations.  When I came to Canada we continued to  follow the same traditions.

For Good Friday we ate fish and it was usually Red Snapper or King fish.  Yep, I love me some deep fried Snapper.  I like it fried dry.  Nowadays, frying is totally bad for you.  In that case you should bake it.  That's another topic for later though.  We ate the Snapper with rice and peas.  Ask any Jamaican about rice and peas.  We love the stuff.  Of course we have lots more that we could add to that list, lol.

                                          courtesy, Ja_Grill

                                              Rice and peas(kidney peas)

So Friday's dinner looked a lot like this.  Mom's style of course is always better.  We all sat around the table, blessed the food and then stuffed ourselves.  Course, once that was finished we tucked into the bun and cheese.

Don't forget the music too.  We can't live without our music.

Now, that was just for the Good Friday.  On Easter Monday we ate just as much but this time we ate meat.    I guess this all had to do with some Catholic or religious do hickey.  Anythow, all I cared about was the food.

Wherever you are, whether you celebrate or not I wish you a Happy Easter.  One Love.


  1. oh this story makes me soooo hungry! Really enjoyed it! I sure do remember Easter holidays in the islands...

  2. I love red snapper. ^_^ Here in Manila, we always fry it first then cook it ala sweet and sour style hehe. Yum ^_^.

    About your question about me and my twinsoul? I actually had the honor of meeting him in this lifetime. It triggered my spiritual awakening hehe. ^_^.

    Happy Easter ^_^.

  3. Anonymous~ Me too, I was so hungry just writing it. Thanks.

    twinsouls888~ Your way sound delicious too for sure.

    I had a feeling that you had had that experience. Wow, that's mind blowing. Happy Easter to you too.