Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stress /Anxiety

I have a great collection of books that I use to feed my soul and they get thumbed through often. I've already listed some of them here. Each day I read a little to help me feel good.

The one that I'm reading now is a daily meditation called The Language Of Letting Go by Melody Beattie. It's organized like a calendar, so each day there's an empowering message for you.

Truly though, I and millions of others worry and send out negative prayers to the Universe. It's unintentional but that's what worry is and does. For myself, I know this, but years of consistently doing the same things created a cycle that's been hard to break.

Think about it! If you learned to worry at a young age because you though that's how you found a way to fix whatever problem then you can see why it's hard to change.

The way to change that is to turn worry into positive prayers to the Universe. How do you do that? It's a little more complicated than I at first though.

My worries have changed and morphed into something else as I got older. What's it called? Anxiety. Our doctors tells us that we have a chemical imbalance in the brain. Welcome to our fast and crazy world with modified food, dirty air to breathe, people who can't find something to eat, a place to sleep and a job. Why are we so anxious again? Now of course we can fix everything with an elixir of drugs(ok medication. doesn't sound better if you ask me.).

There are tons of information and forums on the "dis ease" but finding the right solution for yourself is the hard part.

I practice yoga(not religiously. ok once a week maybe if I remember), listen to spiritual music(some of the time, cause I miss my reggae, hip hop, etc.), eat organic food when I can afford it(hey, single parent here already stressed to the max), take supplements(now I could be called a hypochondriac with all of these. why do you need so many to keep balanced?), walk in nature, talk to my Higher Power(God I hope you're hearing me), breathing exercises and of course share my blog with you so that you can know that you're not alone. Am I alone out here? You are reading aren't you? Thanks for being here.

It's not perfect yet some days I do feel so good. Let me focus on that for a minute. Yeah, I do get some of those moments and I will get them to grow bigger and bigger. For now, one moment at a time. Whatever you are doing remember, do what you can. BE GOOD TO YOURSELF.


  1. I'm reading and right there with you! Be GOOD to YOURSELF too..

  2. Halo Chris ^_^. I can totally understand this post. I myself might be going back to reading spiritual books as I feel like I focused too much on makeup as of late, and I really need that true genuine happiness booster which I only get when I focused on meditation, praying and the spiritual path.

    I don't worry that much anymore. I honestly don't wanna have a serious job coz it doesn't make me happy ahaha.

    Right now I just wanna be happy and do the things that I love to do. ^_^

  3. foxxy, thanks for the kind words.

    Hi twinsouls888, the spiritual side is what truly feeds your soul in my opinion. Every time that I veer away I find myself suffering. I'm with you on being happy, that's what truly matters.