Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Break

this is where I'd like to be

this is where I'll really be

It's March break for kids this week. You know what that means. For parents, it's what to do with the kids to keep them busy. They'll be underfoot for o-n-e w-h-o-l-e w-e-e-k.

Most of us parents love our children dearly, however a week is just too much. Luckily, there are all types of activities to keep them busy and to keep you sane.

The mall here in my neck of the woods has a reptile zoo, movies, cooking and music all lined up for the week. The recreation centers such as the YMCA, usually have tons of activities. No shortage of fun there.

Personally, I'll be doing a work/play week. I'll be supervising my child and two others. What do I have planned? I'll be heading to the Y with them and this way I get to relax while they play. They are all in the 10- 11 year range and don't really want the parent around if you know what I mean. Other days we'll go to the library for a few books and who know maybe even the mall too.

It's march break but it will be fun to watch them have fun too. That makes all the difference in my life.


  1. haha, i'd like to be where you'd like to be too. Have fun with the kids though; kinda makes you want to be a kid again doesn't it?

  2. Hey thanks for your comment. I did have a great time with the kids. Yep, it did feel good to act like one again.