Monday, March 8, 2010

Women's Day

It's International Women's Day all around the world. Today and everyday we can celebrate being a woman.

Officially this day began in the States in 1909, due to the garment workers who went on strike in 1908 to protest their working conditions. In 1945, the signing of The Charter of the United Nations which was the first agreement, affirmed that women and men should be equal partners.

Of course we know better that equal rights is still a dream in many nations. Here at home in Canada this is what it means:
Women earn just 72 per cent as much as men.

Half of single women over age 65 live in poverty.& tax cuts do little for the 68 per cent of women in the bottom income brackets

No new investment for child care spaces, no new strategies on poverty reduction, and no new efforts to fight violence against women.

Two-thirds of working women still cannot qualify for Employment Insurance benefits.

The national child care program has been cancelled.

The internationally acclaimed Court Challenges Program to provide federal funding for women and minorities to fight systemic inequality and discrimination has been abolished.

The Status of Women Canada has had its funding cut by 43 per cent. From a message by Ken Neumann, National Director of Steel Workers Union

We are all in this life together, men and women. What we want for ourselves should also be given to others.


  1. Very good article. Thanks for the info, and as a woman, I know how much we are under appreciated. Now if we can just get most of those pig-headed men who "run" the country (almost into the ground mind you) to smarten up!

  2. What a world that would be foxxy.