Thursday, February 18, 2010


Reading is an important skill for everyone. When you are a reader the whole world is open to you. You can read and enjoy whatever you choose.

Personally, I love to read. I read to my children when they were still in the womb and when they were born well, let's say the adventures continued.

My daughter is an avid reader. I guess she takes after her mom, grandmother, aunt etc. My son would rather read comics such as Calvin and Hobbs. At least he's reading. There's a love for books in my family.

I like self help, romance, spirituality, health and well being and many other.

I thought that I'd list my daughter's top 5 that she loves to read and she reads them over and over too. Some of them can be for younger readers but she's ten years old. Look in my sidebar for the list too.

My daughters list: (all series)
Dear Dumb Diary


Baby Mouse

Geronimo Stilton


My sons:
Calvin & Hobbs


  1. Honestly I love reading too. I love to read most of what's in your list hehe especially romance and spirituality ^_^

    My son on the other hand loves Geronimo Stilton books ^_^

  2. Yep, it just feels so good when I'm all curled up with one of my favourite books. It's good that I found a friend that enjoys some of the same too.