Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day

me and my little one

It's Family Day, a public holiday, here in Ontario, Canada. Several other provinces and places around the world celebrate it too.

This day was created in 2008, in Ontario. As a public holiday, most businesses are closed today except for essential services such as fire, police, hospital etc. Generally, Family day is one in which families can get together and spend quality time.

Families today are so busy with work, school and other activities that it seems together times are rare. This day is to encourage families to spend time together in whatever way they choose such as skating, visiting a museum or going to the movies.

Where I live, the movies at the local cinema have been discounted and the YMCA has a family price for entrants to encourage them to go swimming, play basketball, do arts and crafts and many other activities. This is just a few of the places that offer special rates for the day.

Last year, I took my daughter swimming and she met many of her friends. We had a good time. We spend quality anyway without the holiday. However, it's a good boost and reminder that family is important and should come first.
Happy Family Day!!

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  1. Looks like you had fun, glad you enjoyed your holiday with your family :)