Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eating Well

Growing our own ce

In my perfect world, everything I eat is good for my body. In this world, I have to pay extra to get food that is supposedly better for me. What I'm talking about is organic food.

The way that our food is grown and processed now it's obvious that it's making us sick. There are so many more man made diseases than at any time that our food has to play a big role in that. Our food has been tampered with, especially with the use of modified ingredients. It's scary really because we have no idea what's really in our food.

I know that I want the best food for me and my family. I'm sure that we all want that. Organic food gives me an option. Is it a good one? Maybe! I don't know for sure. I buy organically when I can.

It just that the big companies have a monopoly on everything. They can offer food at a price that we just can't ignore when we need to take care of our families. How do you choose?

If you live in a climate where growing your own food is an option then it's possible to help yourself. Research your area and find out about food that is grown there if any, and how it's grown. Then shop locally.

Read the labels on the food packages. That's how you become more aware. Check out some of the organic growers and read, read, read, all you can in your own private library, the internet. Also by taking the right vitamins, eating healthfully and exercising regularly we can heal ourselves.

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  1. I love to grow my own veggies. That is exactly one of the reason why I want to live in the country ^_^.