Sunday, January 31, 2010


How do you handle it when someone starts talking about death and dying? What about when the thought is about their death? Now, how about if it's your child?

My heart pounds when I think about it and tears come to my eyes. Yet I'm so mad too. I know teens think about these things as we all do sometimes. I remember feeling as if I wanted to jump off of a bridge when things felt bad at home for me too. I just never verbalized it to anyone.

To hear my son talk about suicide leaves me shaken. I don't know if he would actually do it or if it's just talk. I decided that I wasn't going to wait around to find out. I had to do something about it.

I arranged some intervention right away. I talked to his dad whom he lives with and together we can arrange time with a therapist.

I have two children. My son, though is the one that has been greatly affected by the separation of his dad and I. He feel things deeply and hides that hurt inside. Oh GOD, I wish I could take that pain away, so much. I would take that gladly so that he would not have to suffer.

Tell me what else can a parent do in a situation like this? He lives far away from me and I can't even hug him. The phone is my only consolation for now.

I'm happy to say that things are not as they seemed. My son has been feeling very down but I guess he wanted more attention than anything. Anyway, he's well and We'll be keeping an eye on him just in case. In my case, my ear to the phone for long conversations.


  1. Oooh your child talking about suicide, oh my. You are right about the intervention girl. I'm praying that everything's gonna be alright. Your child has the best spiritual guidance to support him as always, I'm sure everything's gonna be alright. Hang on girl, and pray as always. ^_^

  2. Thanks. Pretty scared there for awhile. Hanging tough though. Thanks again twinsouls888.