Monday, January 4, 2010


The purpose of life is to express who you are.
On this planet our soul's purpose is to be who our soul wants us to be. I've figured out that part of that purpose is to love and love in every moment. That might sound easy to some people but yet so complicated to others.

Why is it that these concepts seem to be the ones that we have the most challenges with? I mean just look at it carefully. Love. I think there's a big majority of us that are afraid of love in some way. Why? Well there are many answers and individual ones based on our experience.

Love is hard to define. You just know when you are "in love" and what that feels like. Loving someone is very different from loving something. Loving someone makes us behave all goofy although that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I think that if we learn to love everyone and everything in some way it would make a big difference in our world and to those that we meet. Imagine our world with so much love in it. It's already there but now we would be more conscious of it and would be applying it constantly.

I'm not living in a dream world. So much of what each of us is searching for is tied to love. Love, that one simple word can turn our life inside out or upside down.

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