Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Motherhood by Javier Delgado Esteban

My kids are a blessing to me. My son came to me after a first painful experience of having to abort a fetus. I was told then that this heart beating inside of me was not a baby when I had the first ultrasound. I had watched expectant moms beam to receive their ultrasound and the first picture of that life beating within them.

When it was my turn, I excitedly waited and received the disheartening news.
I was crushed. The pain in my heart was unbelievable. The weight of that pronouncement almost brought me to my knees. Tears splashed down my face unchecked. I walked home slowly not knowing what I was thinking or doing for that day. So lost was I in my thoughts that I didn't even notice where I was going.

After much prayer and asking, I realized that this baby was not ready and neither was my body. My time would come again. I prayed for acceptance and faith that all was well. I thanked this spirit for choosing me even though it's time was short and let go with God's help knowing that we would meet again.

The first trimester or three months of pregnancy is such an amazing time for mother and baby. Pregnancy and childbirth itself is an incredible and wondrous experience. Imagine that we as women are given this gift of bringing forth life into the world.

That's why I feel so blessed to have had the experience. I love my kids dearly and throughout all that has happened in my life would never change their coming into my life.


  1. I can feel your pain girl. Everything happens for a reason. You are right for accepting and thanking the spirit for choosing you even if it was a short time in this lifetime.

    Kids are blessings in our life :)

  2. I feel the pain girl. Everything happens for a reason. You are right about thanking the spirit for choosing you in this lifetime even if it was a short time. I'm sure you'll meet again at HOME (heaven) and in future lifetimes ^_^

    Kids are blessings in our life, helps us grow to our highest potential :)

  3. Thank you twinsouls888 for showing your love. I do love my kids. I am truly blessed to have them in my life.