Thursday, January 7, 2010


Said's shaved eyebrow by Faisal Tuddy, not my son but this one's a cutie

My son, is one amusing kid. Recently, he told me that he tried to put cool mark on his eyebrows but messed up. This is like shaving a design into your hair. The dude ended up shaving off his brows in frustration. He was pissed with himself when they didn't come out the way that he wanted them to. so, he just shaved them off lol. What a kid!!

My son doesn't live with me and that's why I didn't see the cool "no" brows. When he told me about it I laughed my ass off it was so funny. He went around with no eyebrows for about two weeks. That how long it took for them to grow in again.

His friends and teachers kept asking him what he did with his eyebrows. He told them that he'd put them in a box for a little while. He has a good sense of humour even if he does get frustrated easily.

Aside from the normal frustrations and pain that comes with having kids, the love that we share is enormous. It's part of what I use to sustain me.


  1. ahaha sooo funny your son ^_^, Kids really makes us happy :)

    I'm so happy for you, I think you're good and happy with what you have and where you are girl ^_^. Everything's gonna be alright for all of us ;)

  2. You are pretty pretty. I do mean inside and out. Pretty is as pretty does.