Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Blues

I feel a little blue.   The big snow storm that's been pummeling the U.S. reached my neck of the woods today.   It was a beach, to say the least, to shovel all that snow even with a snow blower.   I hear this was only the beginning, because more is on its way tomorrow.

I have to go back to feeling good.   See, no matter what's happening around me, my focus has to be about feeling good.   Whenever I let that go, I feel the tension and anxiety creeping back inside of me.

It's just the thought of the winter months that gets me down sometimes.   The boots, coat, hat, scarf, gloves, long john and sweaters that I wear makes me feel warm, but is so heavy on the body.

When summer comes it brings the freedom of going without all the gear.   Winter seems to shut that down.   On the other hand, it's beautiful to be able to have the winter activities such as snowboarding,skiing, cross country etc. available to me.

When I get back to feeling good, I realize how fortunate I am.   That's all that truly matters.

 I'd like to try this
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