Monday, December 14, 2009


The Christmas season is on. I've been hearing Christmas music for some time now. Everything seems to stay so traditional though. Year after year we do the same old same old. Why are we so afraid of change?

I'm not saying that we have to throw out the old but be open to some new things. First off, I'd like to hear some Country, R&B and Rock Christmas tunes in the mall for a change.

Second, I know this hullabaloo is really about making money when it should be about doing good for others. How about showing some love for each other by spending time with someone. Bet that would beat having to buy so much presents when the funds are already stretched to the limit.

Let's focus on what is truly important today and every day and not just when a holiday comes around. It all about you and me. It's people that matter.

That being said, our little ones do need one or two presents. After all we've taught them that Santa delivers the presents. Let's not burst their bubble. Life itself already has a way of doing that all on its own.

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