Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things I Love continued

I love reading because it feeds my soul.  I've been staying on the spiritual side for quite some time now.  The ones that I enjoy tremendously are Conversations with God and Angel Therapy.  There are so many authors and those that connect with me are the ones that I return to over and over. 

Reading is such a passion for me.  I remember reading the Harlequin Romances when I was a teenager.  I would swap with other friends from school.  Some of them even read during classes that they found boring.  Reading takes me out of my everyday life and transports me to parts beyond my imagination.

I'm also a big romantic hence, the Romance novels.  I love a good romance.  There's nothing better than being curled up in a comfy chair, on a rain day, with a good book. 

Books, one of the things that I need in my life and wouldn't want to be without.


  1. Wow we love thesame books yay ^_^. I already read Conversations with God (If I remember right it's 1 & 2) and also Home with God. And now that I read this post, I'm reminded to go back to reading spiritual books, I need it to feed my soul ^_^.

    I am always trying to balance aspects of my life, physical, mental,spiritual, emotional but I noticed the past few weeks I'm focusing more on the physical aspect (so the makeup talk) sigh. I have to refocus again to balance all aspects. And reading spiritual books is a nice start. ^_^

    I also love romance novels specifically historical romance especially if the setting is England & Wales maybe because of a subconscious remembrance of a past life there.

    Thanks for this post ^_^

  2. I'm with you on that too girl about the balance that is. I'll focus on spiritual and forget to throw in emotional or mental. I need overall balance for everything. I'm definitely focused right now on getting a job.

    Thanks for reading and posting. It's very much appreciated.