Monday, September 28, 2009


I do surveys.  I like doing surveys some of the time.  It's a personal choice. The site that I find really cool and avant garde is Hotspex.  I like the site because the surveys are very interesting and fun too.  The design of the surveys and the questions that they ask are usually easy to answer. 

On the downside, the rewards for doing the surveys is usually entry into a sweep stake or you can donate to charities and a few other selections.  I love the idea of donations going to charities for clean water, homelessness etc.  I just believe that you should be able to receive the money and use it as you wish.

The thing about surveys is that these companies want your information but they don't want to pay much for your time.  Each survey takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes and sometimes longer.  Granted there are those who will do it as a business so the integrity of it could be at risk.

There are many survey sites on the internet and choosing legitimate ones is the key to a good experience. 

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