Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm a health nut and I truly love snacking on nuts too.  I use organic food when I can and when it's affordable.  I try to exercise but I have to admit that of late, I've been very lazy. 

I love talking here because I can share some of my knowledge with you.  It's my desire to stay healthy and to do that I must take care of my body and watch what I eat.  I do have health concerns just like the average person.  I try to help myself by taking my multivitamins and eating the right foods.  I have given up dairy because I know that it produces mucous in the body.  I drink instead an almond milk that agrees well with my body.  It been several years now since I started drinking this particular brand of milk.  It comes in a vanilla flavour that I really love having with my muesli cereal most mornings. 

Sugar is an additive that I resist as much as possible.  I like to use honey as it's a more natural sweetener.  Therefore honey goes in my green tea and anything that I need a little sweeter taste for. 

It just so happens that every time that I eat something such as a candy bar for example, my body reacts within an hour with acne on my face.  This is my sign from my body that I needed to bypass that sugary treat that I ingested.  My body is extremely sensitive to artificial sweeteners.

I know it's important for all of us to eat the best foods possible to enable us to stay in the best of health.  After all, we all want to live a long life.

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