Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Giving Thanks

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  I celebrated the traditional way with turkey and gravy  and the whole  nine yards.  Although, we ate our turkey on Sunday and we now will continue to eat the left over until it's all gone.

I know that giving thanks is a daily ritual.  I try to give thanks for what shows up in my life because I imagined it here intentional or not.  I like most of the big holidays because it gives my family a chance to get together as it's usually a day off. 

I really love the fact that my family can get together and truly enjoy each others company.  It's such a precious time.  The warmth, love and laughter shows through during these occasions especially.

Several years ago, I was unable to be a part of the family rituals.  I severely missed every moment of the togetherness times.  I always want to be there, surrounded by my family as long as I am able.

I give thanks for my family and all of my loved ones and this planet that we live on.  It's truly a blessing to be living in our time. 

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  1. You are right, I totally agree with you about things and happenings showing up in our lives are here because we imagined it here intentional or not. ^_^. We create our reality ^_^