Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So, I performed my morning ablutions. When I first heard this word I knew it had something to do with the church. I looked it up and it means bathing or cleansing. You had to clean up before praying. Don't get me started on anything religious based please.

Part of my daily routine should be yoga because it relaxes me and calms my anxiety tremendously. Do I do it? No! Only when my anxiety gets out of hand do I run to do yoga. Typical, I know what to do but I wait until things get bad. That's about when I'm suffering, through my own choice.

I did about fifteen minutes this morning and then should do more later. See that qualifier back there. Meditation and yoga work really well for me. I'm not saying that I'm serene but I feel eighty percent better. Of course blabbing er sorry, blogging, to you helps so much too. It's cleansing don't you know.

Anyways, I can feel some humming in my body which tell me excess energy still needs to go.
What's causing the anxiety? Lots of stuff. Namely wanting and wanting and not seeing it materialize yet. Yeah, I'm in the trap just like any other person.

The thing about any problem such as this, which is mental by the way, is to find ways to get out of your head. I do that with yoga, meditation, walking, blogging, Bach flower remedies and vitamins.

I'm an introvert and that means that I keep most things to myself and work it out inside. So, there are lots of things buzzing around in there trying to come up with answers.

I'm glad you're here to talk to. Thank you for letting me. Leave me a message too. I'd really like that.