Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thank You

This morning as I was meditating, I heard the phone ringing, so I just got out of my meditation to answer it.  The result is that I left all of my Chakra centres open because I didn't have time to close them down.  I feel even more jumpy and scattered especially on an energetic level.

I'm jumpy as heck!  I'm glad in some ways that I still have time to myself as I'm not working yet.  I can go off for a bike ride on such a beautiful day as today.  What a beautiful God given day.  I'm ever thankful.

I have such wonderful people around me and I know that my angels are working for me even if I can't see into that realm.  I do believe in angels.  Our Universe is filled with much wonder.  I choose to see the beauty. 

Part of this cathartic blogging is to reinforce to myself the good around me and to stop taking it for granted.  I know that I have been led here.

Do you pray?  Do you meditate?  Tell me about your experience.  I know that we live in a world that has many problems.  Yet, there is so much that is good too.  Today, I give thanks that I am a part of this world.  I give thanks for the love that is always there for me and for all of us at every moment.   


  1. I pray, meditate and give thanks often. For me it is the only way to live.

  2. I read somewhere that prayer is asking and meditation is listening/answer. Thanks for your comment.