Monday, September 7, 2009

Daily Grind

I know, I should be saying something fun or thoughtful here.  That's what I believe anyway.  It's my life and here's what happening though. 

I am painting my bedroom.  Yep, I spent the whole day doing it.  Here's a tip.  Never, ever, put red on a wall.  If you want it gone, it takes so long to cover up.  It sucks up primer like a boat with a hole takes on water.  So far, I think I've used up half a can of primer for one little wall.  That's four coats of paint and still the red seeps through. 

Well, my right hand and arm got a work out.  Tomorrow, I'll be back at it.  I like the look of a room when it is freshly painted.  It screams new possibilities.

I'm painting the bedroom a very light purple.  Purple is a strong colour and is also very significant. It's a royal colour and is the crown chakra colour, I believe.  Don't quote me on that.  I'm hoping to be stimulated in many ways.  That's if you believe that colours affect our moods etc.  

I look forward to our chat tomorrow.  Wish me luck on this painting escapade.

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