Monday, September 14, 2009


In the book The Shack, Mack is given a choice.  He can choose to stay with GOD or he can return to his family and his life.  After carefully thinking about it he makes a decision.

If you were given a choice like that, what would you choose?  I guess some of it depends on what situation you found yourself in or whether you liked your life.

If I apply that question to my own life, I'd be tempted to say that I'd stay with GOD.  I know that there with her, there are no judgments, expectations or responsibilities.  GOD already has everything and so has need for nothing.  We are his vessels if we allow him to work through us. 

Just think for a moment; no more worry, pain, hurt, fear, disillusionment, jealousy, fighting, hunger, homelessness, disease or death.  What would that be like?  A world where everyone is alive, happy and content because they are beloved.  A place where the planet is clean and whole again.  No need to guess what the other person is thinking because you can tell what they're thinking and what's truly in their heart.  What would that be like with GOD as the true ruler?

On the other hand, what about the family and friends that are living in this lifetime?  Could you walk away from them?  What would it be like for them without you?

That is such a tough question for me.  I love my kids and want to be here for them no matter how tough it is right now.  I know that they have everything that they need.  It is my desire to watch them grow and to share in their lives.  I love their laughter, wit and intelligence.  My life is better with them in it no matter the cost.  I'm so blessed to have them.

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