Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am feeling better after using lots of acupressure on myself.  Thank God for that because I have been so sedentary lately.  I know that I need to exercise but I'm lazy sometimes.  Even doing yoga has become a chore although I know that it's for my benefit.  I'm definitely not choosing wisely.

To my right is a pic of the pressure point that I used the most on myself.


location of KI-3 Name: Supreme Stream (Kidney 3)
Location: On the inside of the foot, halfway between the Achilles-tendon and the side of the ankle-bone.
Use: Press.
Effects: Heals effects on the body of too much fear. (Also for lower backpain.)

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So, this pressure point among others got the most use and enabled me to return to my calm thinking self.  I spend too much time in my head.  That's why I blog too, to get that excess energy out. I'm thankful for these two healing methods.                                                                                                          

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