Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haiti's Children/Our Children

I watched the two telethons that were organized yesterday. One was put on by Canadians and the other American. In each, the outpouring of love directed at Haiti was tremendous. They talked about various people that were rescued after days of being buried under the rubble and children that survived the odds and were found alive.

They reminded us that in the days, months and years that it will take to rebuild, we must continue our efforts.
Haiti will need all of our continued help and support. Our love must not waver.

Each time I watch the news about Haiti, I see a small part of the number of children that have been left parent-less and homeless; tears come to my eyes. Those children are yours and mine. My heart swells with the pain that the children must endure to get through this ordeal. They, the children are pure and innocent. Yet they have chosen to help the world(us) heal itself. They are the future, our future.

Here are a few links re: Haiti's relief and how to help

This story is about how much really reaches the needy


  1. You are right girl, our love must not waver. Just droppin' by to say hi ^_^

  2. Hi!!! Hey girl, thanks for being there for me.